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Rob & Nedine – Balls Falls Engagement

This is our first time at Balls Falls and it was interesting, loved the various mini locations for photos within the conservation area. Rob and Nedine brought some awesome energy to the shoot, they rocked it! They’re also pros at doing twirls. Super excited to shoot their wedding – Here are some highlights from the evening…  

Ray & Liza’ Engagement – Sherman Waterfall Engagement

Early morning, refreshing water and an engagement – I’m in! Last week Ray, Liza and I went to Sherman Falls for their engagement and it was perfect. There were almost no people there that morning so we got all of the wide shots we needed! Super excited for their wedding this year… Here are some highlights from…

Robbie & Angelica’ Engagement – Hamilton Wedding Photography

Super excited to share this engagement, I had a blast working with Robbie, Angelica and their s2000 :). We did the engagement mid-day, there’s something nice about balancing that harsh sunlight with some off-camera lighting. They were definitely a fun couple to photograph, can’t wait for their wedding. Here are some highlights from the engagement..