1. How do the hours work on the wedding day?

Hours are continuous, let’s say you got an 8-hour package, if I start at 12pm – I will finish at 8 pm. You can always add hours on the day of the wedding. (You just have to let me know)

2. What is the turn-around for delivering the photos?

Anywhere between 1 to 2 months, sometimes 3 months if your wedding is in a prime wedding month. (Not often)

3. Are all delivered photos edited?

All final delivered photos are completely processed and edited. Some might be touched-up if they needed to be.

4. How many photos do we get? Is there a limited number?

There is no limit to how many photos you will get, for example: a 9-hour wedding coverage you will get anywhere between 550-700 photos.

5. Will you be photographing at all of the locations?

Yep! The only time I won’t be taking photos is when everyone is eating. (no one likes to get the picture taken while eating) Also, I like to sit and eat J

6. Do we have the full rights to the photos for print?

Absolutely! All of the final edited photos will be delivered on a USB drive in a high-resolution format with no watermark. You can print them anywhere you want!

7. Do you have backup equipment with you at the wedding?

Yep! I have backup equipment and I get all my gear serviced at Canon Professional Services every year!

8. Will you dress appropriately to the wedding?

Don’t worry, I won’t show up in Jeans and white sneakers! I will look presentable, it is a wedding you know! 🙂

9. There are a few photo ideas that we REALLY want to be done, can we run them by you?

You have some ideas that you really want to get done? Sure! Talk to me about it before the wedding day and we can plan to have them done.

10. If you are not able to make it to the wedding due to a last-minute emergency, what will happen then?

God forbid something happens and I can’t make it to the wedding (this has never happened before but I like to think worst case scenario just in case), I will do my best to find a photographer to photograph the wedding and I will edit the final photos so you still get the same finish you hoped for!