Hamilton Wedding Photography Locations

August 23, 2017

I decided to make a list of locations in Hamilton for Wedding Photography, these are places I personally photographed in. This list will help current and future brides to choose from local Hamilton photography spots, some may require permits and some are free. Although I probably photographed weddings at some locations more than once, I probably left out some other locations that I can’t think of. Hopefully I will be adding more to the list in the future.

The locations will be added in a random order.

Ancaster Mill Wedding Photos:

Permit: Yes

The inside of Ancaster Mill is very cozy and can make for some awesome shots if it’s raining outside, take advantage!

Nice outdoor architecture.

And of course the famous waterfall.

Battlefield House Wedding Photos:

Permit: Yes

I’ve done plenty of engagements and weddings here, It’s a very nice location with LOTS of open space, good greenery and old architecture.

Burlington Canal Pier Wedding Photos:

Permit: No

We did plenty of engagement photos here but only 1 wedding shoot. Amazing water views with the lighthouse in the background, it’s also near a beach so you can get 2 settings in 1 location.

Downtown Hamilton Wedding Photos:

Permit: No

This is not 1 location, it’s pretty much through-out downtown Hamilton. Plenty of cool graffiti walls and old buildings.

Durndern Castle Wedding Photos:

Permit: Yes

Classic location and it has a lot of greenery.

Edgewater Manor Wedding Photos:

Permit: Yes

If your wedding is there you obviously wont need a permit. The inside of this place is also nice and ‘vintage’ looking.

Fifty Point Conservation Wedding Photos:

Permit: Unsure, we either paid a regular entry fee or a ‘photography’ fee.

Gage Park Wedding Photos:

Permit: No

Nice fountain and lots of greenery. There’s also train tracks near the park.

Hess Village Wedding Photos:

Permit: No

Lot’s of bars and cool architecture within the village.

Hamilton Bay Front Wedding Photos:

Permit: No

Lot’s of space for photography by the water, sunset photos look really nice here.

Liuna Gardens Wedding Photos:

Permit: Only if you’re not having your wedding here.

If your wedding is here, you won’t need to go anywhere else for photos as it is a great location.

Brown Highway Bridge Wedding Photos:

Permit: No

It’s near Carmen’s Banquet Hall, a very neat looking bridge with a nice field by it.

RBG Wedding Photos:

Permit: Yes

Nice indoor and outdoor locations for photos, it’s very well maintained property.

Spencer Smith Park Wedding Photos:

Permit: No

OK, I know it’s not Hamilton but it’s super close.

St. Mary’s Church Wedding Photos:

Permit: No

If your getting married here, definitely spend some time for photos after the ceremony.

Splitsville Wedding Photos: 

Permit: No

This is not an ideal wedding photography location, it’s quite close to the Brown Highway Bridge so you can combine both fun and dramatic photos.


The Lake View Wedding Photos:

Permit: No

Nice beach area and does not require a lot of walking.

The Rock Garden Wedding Photos:

Permit: Yes

Nice nature setting with lot’s of greenery, well maintained.