Wedding Venues Hamilton

The first steps of planning a wedding are finding the perfect venue, we often get asked “which was your favorite wedding venue to photograph?” it’s tough having one answer as we enjoyed shooting at many venues in Hamilton. A lot of them have hidden gems for photography locations (staircases, side of the building, mini gardens, amazing sunset locations, etc.). Here’s a list of wedding venues in Hamilton and surrounding area (within the Hamilton area). We hope this list would help couples who are in the process of planning a wedding get an idea of how each venue looks and get some ideas for their special day. We will try our best to update it with new locations as we keep exploring new venues.

1. The Lakeview: We love this venue, it’s right on the beach – yet within the city. Plenty of photography locations and we always enjoyed the food and scenery. Here’s a wedding we photographed there: CLICK

2. Liuna Station: This venue is really classy and spacious, it’s famous for its entrance where most of the time cocktail hour is held in the hall area. Really beautiful with a nice garden at the front perfect for sunset photos. The food is always incredible and the hall lighting is amazing. Also, lot’s of window light if your wedding is starting earlier. Here’s a Liuna Station wedding reception CLICK

3. Royal Botanical Gardens: If your looking to have a nature-themed wedding but still be indoors, this place is for you! its very ‘airy’ lot’s of open space, LOTS of nature and a lot of on-site photography locations. So you never have to leave! Easy access from the reception area to an outdoor area for fresh air. Guests can enjoy both the indoor and outdoors. Here’s a wedding at the Royal Botanical Gardens: CLICK

4. Sheraton Hotel: It’s a nice all-in-one venue, you can get hotel rooms to get ready and the reception is downstairs. Lot’s of photography locations in the downtown area (all within 10 minutes from the hotel). Keep in mind, the staff was really strict about alcohol usage in the hotel lobby and the surrounding areas of the hotel. Here’s a wedding reception at the Sheraton Hotel in Hamilton: CLICK

5. Spencer’s at the Waterfront: If you’ve ever been to Burlington, you’ve probably seen this venue – it’s hard to miss. Weddings are absolutely beautiful here, incredible location on the water, amazing in-house cooked food and beautiful scenery for photography. Here’s a wedding we shot there, the photos will do the talking. CLICK

6. The Waterfront Centre: Another great venue by the water, this place has a lot of windows facing the pier, you can see the sunset while having dinner. This is when we usually go for some photos while the guests are eating. This place has great food and AMAZING staff. Love this place. Here’s a wedding that was done there: CLICK

7. Tim Hortons Onondaga Farms: This venue is perfect for a ‘barn’ type wedding, everyone got ready in the cabins they had there, and the dinner venue was in a tent followed by the party in a barn. If your a fan of rustic country weddings, this is perfect for you. Here’s a wedding that was done here: CLICK

8. Winona Vine Estate: A lot of venues host 2-3 weddings at a time, this place is meant to hold 1 wedding at a time, but it’s also huge! that’s a good thing. Easy access to the outside garden for the guests to enjoy the fresh air (or smoke). Lovely staff and the food is always amazing. Here’s a wedding that was done here: CLICK

9. Aberdeen Tavern: This place is perfect for small intimate weddings, the upstairs is really nice for getting ready photos and the courtyard/patio is awesome for photos or even dining (even though it’s small). The food is INCREDIBLE here and the staff is super friendly. Here’s a wedding that was done here: CLICK

10. Atrium Banquet: This place is a hidden gem, you wouldn’t think it even exists. Plenty of parking, nice looking freshly renovated reception hall with a bridal suite and amazing in-house food. Check it out: CLICK

11. Balls Falls: This place reminds me of the RBG, its really nice with lots of open space concept and lots of nature around you. Just beware cellphone reception is completely dead there – that is sometimes important for some wedding planning on the day of. (something to keep in mind, hoping it changed since the last time we were there). Here’s a wedding that was done here: CLICK

12. Carmen’s Banquet Centre: Carmen’s is one of the most popular venues in Hamilton, they have their own hotel next door and they offer A LOT of services. Awesome and consistent food as always. Here’s a wedding done at Carmen’s: CLICK

13. Croatian Sports and Community Centre: The best thing I liked about this place is how the inside hall opens up to a nice outdoor open space, it’s hard to explain but you will see it in the blog post. Amazing location for partying, lot’s of outdoor space and the food was awesome! Here’s a wedding that was done here: CLICK

14. Edgewater Manor: We always loved the Edgewater Manor for its location and ‘intimate’ feel. It’s like being invited to a classy party with an amazing view. The food is incredible and the interior/exterior of the place is beautiful. Here’s a wedding that was done at Edgewater: CLICK

15. Flamborough Hills Golf and Country Club: We shoot here quite often and we love it for its lighting and big windows. There’s a little area on the golf course with lots of trees that is great for photography. Here’s a wedding at this venue: CLICK

16. Knollwood Golf and Country Club: The bridal suite at this place is nice, it’s like a little old air bnb setting. The venue is nice and feels really intimate. Lot’s of photography options and amazing in-house cooked food. Here’s a wedding that was done here: CLICK